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About us

ADRIO 2001-2016. Thanks to our customers!

Since more than 25 years, José Antonio Fernández Adrio has been dedicated all his working life to product hand-made canoes and kayaking material in general.


After having worked for a well-known company which manufactured nautical equipment; Adriokayaks was born with the hope of a new factory in 2001, but with the experience of so many years dedicated to this sector. It also appears as a result of Adrio’s own interests that are reflected not only in his daily work but also in the design of the products, being updated day by day.


The final results and individual characteristics of his manufacturing are based on an extremely deal of care and cautiously handling of different materials used on their production. The model and quality is chosen by our customers, Adrio is the one who works in the idea thanks to his experience acquired throughout so many working years.


Adriokayaks is an outstanding manufacturer of polo canoes as well as a variety of canoeing paddles. Their kayaks have always been part of the World Champion´s teams.


Adriokayaks begin producing polo canoes for Spanish clubs, and recently, started selling to Portugal and France where currently its main market is.

In recent years, Adriokayaks have also exported to other European countries such as Denmark, Ireland, England and Germany.

As an international market, Adriokayaks have material all around the world including Russia, Japan, Singapur and some French colonies.


Thanks to a constant effort and a strong commitment for innovation and developing new technologies, Adrio has the conditional trust and acceptance of paddlers of any kind and level. This support is as important as his work; such cordiality reflects all the experience and special treatment Adrio applied on his manufactures. For all this reason above, each canoe and paddle is completely different to each other, becoming a personalized model.